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Intelligent Customer Service Platform

The Architecture is oriented to microservices that collaborate with each other to provide a solution capable of acting in a modular or joint manner. The main features of this platform are: Customer Relationship Management, Channels Management, Ticket Managements, Billing Management, RPAs and Virtual Assistants that use Artificial Intelligence, in order to automate the customer journey.

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We help you gauge your company's digital maturity levels and the level of confidence that exists in a future so influenced by technology!

The digital transition represents an opportunity to improve productivity levels, boost innovation and reduce business process costs. In this context, the ICS platform has a range of products that aim to support companies in this transition.


Learning and Interaction Processing system

It can be integrated with our product Business 360º or other  Digital Client Sales Management (DCSM A.I.)  and ticket management that you already own or need. We also offer the AI solution for analysis and management of communication channels, as well as the possibility of integrating virtual assistants to perform complex and automated tasks together with human assistants.

The LIPS digital platform offers several solutions that will enhance the success of your business.

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Open-Source Framework


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Microservices, Native Cloud Apps

We have a story to tell in each solution we propose. Our story can be yours!

Once Upon a time...

VA and RPA - AI Services

Based on the fact that a satisfied customer is what any company is looking for, in the video you can see use cases of the application of some features of our system in the daily life of a company, which in addition to efficiency in managing information and complex processes , promote a closer relationship with the customer, giving real-time answers to their doubts, which makes it the most dynamic, transparent and effective relationship.

Channel Management

What if, from one moment to the next, your online business orders increased significantly and you were unable to respond to everyone in an organized and effective way ?!
If this is your case then watch this video …

Management of Defaults

Managing offenders who use services and do not pay is a major problem for many companies. In addition to the bureaucratic burden, many of these cases drag on for years in the courts. What if you have an alternative?

How about a virtual assistant with assertive and persistent communication that makes the offender feel that it is best to regularize their situation ?!

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