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The Lips AI Digital Platform is a technology developed by PineappleCo in 2018 with a variety of IT solutions based on artificial intelligence that allows the automation of tasks efficiently and intelligently with a view to increasing the performance and efficiency of your business.


Expand your business with AI

Artificial intelligence is no longer a matter of the future and science fiction; it is now a powerful ally that can be implemented in various business areas, such as banking and insurance, aerospace, telco, consumer & retail, BOS / OSS and AI using natural language.


Ease of integration

Ease of integration with existing systems.
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Business intelligence Integration.


Ability in any channel

Our platform is Omni-channel.
A centralized knowledge base for all supported channels, such as: Social media, WhatsApp, IVR, Alexa, Google Home, …


Insightful Analytics

Know your company and all business interactions. Understand customers interactions with the intelligence business service.


MultiLanguage, Voice and Text

The virtual assistant can speak in several languages. He has cognitive abilities to respond in voice, text and to perform sentiment and response analysis.


Digital Company Services

We offer all the support that your company needs. We act and adapt our services to any business area: Telco, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Health, Education, Services, …

Digital Sales Support

Strategy definition and competences development promotion of Catalog Management, Multi/Omni Channel approach, Multi-Platform (cloud, APP, web, …)​.

Customer opinion matters!

Complaints handling, assistance, scheduling, ... Obtain analytics about your performance and increase your costumer satisfaction!

A proposal just for you!

IT services adjusted to the growth of your company. Talk to us about our consulting services applied to your business area.

Easy IT integration

Available in multiplatform systems (IOS, Android, Web) and multidevice (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Alexa, Google Home, Siri. etc). ​

What we do

With our AI solutions companies have a 24/7 automatic support to end customer, in natural language across all channels, increasing the customer satisfaction and reducing costs. We also eliminate the repetitive human work processes with our RPA’s solution that can be integrated with a virtual assistant using state-of-art Technology A.I.


Health care
Retail & e-commerce

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